Skipper amigurumi free pattern – EN

August 21, 2018

Cute and Cuddly Boys!

Ok.  I am a HUGE Penguins of Madagascar fan.  These guys I’m doing for me mostly…  I actually purchased the yarn to make all four of them.  This is of course only Skipper,  but the other three will be following in the next couple of weeks.   (Give me at least a week between, maybe more …  I can’t work too much or I’ll blow out my wrists again and I don’t want to do that)

The pattern might seem a little strange when you first read it through,  but just take it one part at a time.   The beak particularly might give you fits,  but just keep at it… it took me a while to get it too,  but the work is worth it  😀

If you find any problems in the pattern,  or if you just get totally confuzzled,  let me know and I’ll do my best to help you out!  


 WW yarn in black and white,  with smaller amount in a medium orange
G Hook
Sewing thread and needle
15 mm Googly Eyes  (or similar eyes of your choice)

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