Little Bigfoot Lion 2014 free pattern – EN

August 7, 2018

Meet the Little Bigfoot Lion 2014 edition! 

He is handsome isn’t he?  I do have a partial video tutorial now on youtube that will show you how to sew the doll together plus how to stitch a nose to the muzzle, add in the end of the tail, root the mane plus a few options for the eyes.  If you need help with stuffing or even making some of the parts please see one of my other LBF patterns, they are all stuffed and shaped the same way. The legs and arms are mostly the same and the heads will all begin the same way so one of the other video tutorials will be very helpful in making the lion if needed.

*This lion’s mane is rooted in and it takes time, about 2-3 hours depending on individual speed and experience.  If you’d prefer a project that takes less time then this pattern will not be for you.

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